summer siblings

When I was a kid, I spent every day of the summer with my brother and sister. We had ONE friend in the neighborhood and the whole drive-your-kids-for-a-playdate thing had not yet been invented. But, in my rosy recollection, these giants of my youth (and adulthood) were all I needed. Here they are.

Then…siblings on sundeckAnd now…white caps siblings

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Amazing how our children look like we did at “that age” eh??

its spooky tash ~ the fist pic looks ike Zoe and 2 new friends in a “sepia” style print! LOL

Well Lindsay, my six-pack is even less developed now… it’s more like a 2 liter. that’s been melted in spots…

You cant make fun of me being dressed in those goofy outfits anymore becki jo..Look at the shirt tie!

What, Jax? I thought the one friend in the neighborhood was Denise, who made us be “all time twirlers” for jump rope.

Just kidding, hooooney. Of course it was you! Now come right back over here and clean up my basement!

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