happy birthday to me!


It’s good to be 36.

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36! Wow, I get to share this age with you until August! I read a quote that brought you to mind. It’s helped me through some heartaches, maybe you’ve read it. “When God is involved, change is always in your favor”. I believe I wrote it down during a taped Charles Stanley sermon. I liked it b/c it reminds me that change isn’t meant to frighten or hurt me. (I don’t much like change, can you tell?!) Happy Birthday and enjoy the changes and blessings of being 36!! much love to you and yours, Koke

36?? Just a young’un compared to me! ACK!

Happy Birthday Tash (albeit a little late but HEY, I have an excuse, I’ve been in the North woods for 2 weeks!)

I Hope it was GRAND!

So I’m coming a little late to the party, BUT… I thought about you on your 36th birthday (I was in Australia at the time) and I thought how thrilled you must be to be having another “multiple of 9” birthday.

Happy Birthday about a month and a half late!
:) Kari

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