the land of enchantment

On Tuesday, I returned from the trip of a lifetime. Last week Thursday night I landed in Los Alamos, NM. There, I met up with some dear friends—even spent time with a favorite former student. It was good to be there. To see some old haunts; to recognize Kris and my duplex that was barely spared in the enormous fire of 7 years ago; to laugh with Karen, Diane, Chris, and Nancy; to meet Daniel and Brandy’s children; to see Gregg play with his band; to be charmed again by Kris and her sweet 1 year old daughter; to get to know Alison’s new husband Dave; and to get reacquainted with Jordan with whom I haven’t spent meaningful time since she was 2. (She is now a willowy and lovely 14.)

On Saturday, my sister joined me in Santa Fe. We spent our days thrifting, hunting for cheap turquoise, and eating chili (green, not red–I never even worked up to red when I lived there!). On Sunday night we spent a delicious hour in the Ichiban at 10,000 Waves, a Japanese spa nestled into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. It had been my excuse for a return to Santa Fe and it did not disappoint.

In all, it was five days of bliss. Thanks, Mark, for taking great care of Zoe in my absence (a photo gallery of the ballet performance I missed will be forthcoming). And Jim, thank you too. That sister time was just what I needed!

hotel courtyardthree of usmountain view

churchbeckipublic library 10000 waves

chilijordan and meshopping

breakfastSaturday nightbecki at 10000

NM friendsKris and Leesie 2lovely Kris

alison-and-dave.jpgfunky chairLA sign

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