My dear friend, Sara, introduced me to the Charlie & Lola books a few months ago. Since then, I’ve been gobbling up everything that Lauren Child has written. I’ve been smitten not only by her clever writing, but by her collage illustrations.

And, since the consumate little sister in me makes me copy anything I like, I made a family portrait collage in the spirit of Lauren Child. By spirit, I mean I drew a few things on paper and glued lots of things together. I have no illusions that my craft nears hers at all, but I am getting a kick out of it.

Here it is:collage

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Tash ~ it turned out even better then I anticipated!
(and as you know I try and have very high standards! “la tee da” LOL)

I was so pleased to see it on your wall when I was there last Friday. (that meant you had loads of fun creating it) It was the first new thing I looked for after Daisy welcomed me with French kisses and noggin knockin’ hugs and wiggles.


so dropped by your blog to get caught up on the past few weeks . . . and was blown away by this art project of yours. seriously – you made that? (said admiringly, not doubtingly). what an amazing piece of art to have in your home – beautiful in its own right, but then by made you to boot . . . too cool.

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