If our house could breathe a palpable sigh of relief, today would be the day. Mark and I returned from the oncologist with rather comical grins on our faces. We feel back slappin’ good. The whole house feels happy.

Two nodules (out of multiple) have disappeared completely. The largest lung nodule remains stable. Again, we’re going for slow and steady. This is definitely steady–and definitely in the right direction.

My next appointment is right after spring break–by which time I will have lived with metastatic disease for a year. I feel stuck between incredulity and elation. Not a bad combination.

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Hurrah! Cheering from New Mexico, and enjoying perusing the blog. But I will miss my e-mail updates… so maybe I have to figure out the whole feed thing so I will be notified when you post something new…

Praising God, feeling much relief with you, and keeping you in our prayers-

Hurray, hurrah, and most of all..Praise God!

So happy for you and Mark and Zoe! And all of US! We love you…….


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