Today is Mark and my 9 year wedding anniversary. Some days we can’t believe it’s been nine years. Other days we can’t believe it’s been only nine years. Didn’t that chemo year count for more than one?

I have a polaroid of Mark and me at our reception that was taken by Mark’s dear friend, Bob. On it Bob wrote, “May your marriage be like the onion… Peel away the layers and occasionally you’ll cry.” The polaroid is not terribly flattering as far as wedding pictures go, and yet it’s the only wedding photo that is on display in our house. I think it’s because the sentiment, cheesy as it might seem, has been eerily true.

We’ve peeled away layers we never thought could exist, and under them I keep finding a man I am amazed and honored to call my husband.

And nine years look mighty good on him, too.


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Congratulations on the 9 years. That cliche about how time flies is so accurate. I was so happy to see you this afternoon outside of Ford’s funeral. You look fabulous Natasha. In the brief moments we talked you seemed to radiate “life”. I pray that you get the healing that you need to keep radiating that “life”. I’m sure I will see you somewhere around town in the future. We seem to bump into each other in the EGR area. I’m looking forward to Jersey Junction in the spring. My best to you.

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