a break from the fanny pack

Over the weekend, my pleural drain stopped working. It wouldn’t flush or drain, so we went in to see the doctor yesterday. I was dearly hoping that this meant the lung was dry and I could get a pleuradesis in time for lots of summer swimming (can’t swim with a pleural drain).

This hope was not realized. The top reservoir in the lung has dried up, but there remains a lower reservoir. The interventional radiologist suggested placing a new pleural drain there. However, the lower reservoir does not seem to be growing and I’m not short of breath. And I am good and sick of having a drain.

So, we agreed that I would have a break from the drain and we’d check in three weeks to see what’s happening in the lower lung. If I need another drain, I’ll get one at that time. If the reservoir doesn’t seem to be growing, I may just forgo the drain for now and not pursue a pleuradesis. The lung must be completely dry for the pleuradesis to have a chance to work–and the procedure can only be done once.

My young friend, Naomi, when her family was getting ready to pray that I could be done with the drain, told her mom that she thought I wore the fanny pack for fashion. Bless her heart. I do feel like I’m without an appendage or something since I’ve had a drain since December 18, but fashion? No. The eighties aren’t back quite that strongly yet.

To celebrate my fanny-pack-less-ness, I will be flying to see my sister in Atlanta in a week. Hooray!! And wearing all of the dresses I own without looking like I’m pregnant :)