Health update

I am writing this from the cancer center where I am unexpectedly spending my day. Mark and my appointment with Dr. Campbell this morning started a snowball of tests. My tumor markers were up again and yet I have no other real symptoms of disease progression. So, time for tests–namely a CAT scan, a lung drain, and a bone scan. Since I am a chemotherapy patient, my nurse schedules these appointments. The doctor wants to see me again on Monday so they needed to happen yet this week. I begged my nurse to try to schedule them today since I work on Thursday and Becki is in town on Friday. She worked her magic. I just finished my CAT scan, my lung will be drained in about 15 minutes and the two stages of the bone scan are at 4:30 and 8:30 tonight. Perhaps I’ll even make it home for a few minutes between the drain and the bone scan, we’ll see.

I’m not feeling terribly worried right now, but today’s scheduling does make me feel a bit at the mercy of fighting this disease. My controlling nature rankles against that. I may need to buy this shirt to inspire myself

Lego love

Zoe bought her first Lego set this summer. She put the whole set together herself (Hagrid’s Hut) and then promptly took it all apart.

Mark’s childhood was spent mostly in his room playing with Legos and listening to a transistor radio. Having put in plenty of time with My Little Ponies and other such toys, he had been waiting for the Lego moment for a long time. I think that first night of Lego Love, I finished whatever book I was reading and had to keep reminding about bedtime while the two of them were completely absorbed.


Last night, while I was out with friends, Zoe and Mark got busy with her newest Lego set. No more Quidditch for Harry Potter, instead he and his buddies were transformed into…


Mark was in charge of Ringo and his drum kit. Zoe added the trapdoor in the stage for their “ear hats.” Ah, collaboration!


Of course they had to listen to the Beatles on the ipod in Zoe’s room while they worked. Again, childhood 2.0.