Change #1:
Mark and I met with Dr. Campbell today and learned that my numbers had doubled in the past 3 weeks. This, along with the pleural fluid problem (though I haven’t been drained in 2 1/2 weeks and have been feeling pretty good), made him think that it may be time to switch meds. And, of course, we will do whatever he suggests.

I must admit I felt a little “clothes-lined” when he said my numbers were up. I was absolutely not expecting that when the numbers had just been down. After coming home, I kind of struggled to pick myself back up but am now feeling more ready to move on to this new drug. It’s called Epirubicen. It was part of the cocktail I received 8 years ago. Dr. Campbell has floated this drug out several times before and he was rather pleased when it showed up on my Van Andel report. There is no reason to think it will be as bad for me as it was 8 years ago since it is only one drug, not three. I’ll have the drug once a week which may make it easier to tolerate than the every 3 week option. It also may not necessary take my hair if I take it once a week and I may have more energy overall.

I also got the go-ahead from my nurse on Tuesday to exercise so have walked 2 miles each day since. This has helped me mentally as well. I’m hoping that I can continue to do that.

I’ll start the new chemotherapy on Wednesday.

Change #2:
I’m turning 40 in the morning. And, unlike others who lament leaving their thirties behind, I will greet my forties with a big ol’ grin.

Welcome, 40. Glad you’re here. Make yourself at home. We’ve been eagerly awaiting you. Oh, and have you seen 50? Tell 50 I’m eager to meet her, too!