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girl cousins 3
Same dress. Same haircut. Same sense of adventure. Lucky cousins.


Same shirt. Same pose. Same voice. Same walk. And we expect people to tell us apart. Me and my favorite sister. Lucky me.

new med

Just returned from the oncologist where we learned that the intravenous chemotherapy I’m on is likely no longer working. Time to switch. So, on Monday, I’ll start a cytoxin pill. I’ll be on it for 4-6 weeks at which point we’ll know if it’s working. We’d greatly appreciate prayers that the cytoxin is effective.

I’ll also be getting my first ever blood transfusion tomorrow due to my persistent near-anemic state and the likelihood that the cytoxin would drive the hemoglobin lower. I’m greatly looking forward to the energy this should provide me since I’m in my pajamas as I type this and it’s only 6:30 p.m. and brightly sunny outside!