the answer is always “c”


Mark and I went to the oncologist today thinking that the results of my blood test will mean (a) go back on chemo or (b) switch to a gentler treatment or none at all. Instead, of course, the answer is (c) get more information. My blood counts were not definitive enough to make a decision, so I will have a CAT scan and a bone scan. The problem with oncology is that the answer is always (c). Never, in the almost seven years that I have known Dr. Campbell, has the answer been the (a) or (b) I anticipate. It is always, always, always (c). And yet, I am still surprised.

I’ll have a bone and a CAT scan next week. Meet with Dr. Campbell the following week. I would tell you what we think we’ll find out then, but the answer will be (c), so I’m going to try not to speculate and to just enjoy another two weeks without chemo.

fortune telling

images.jpegPerhaps it was the Harry Potter influence, but Zoe had a kick a few weeks back of writing fortunes and having us draw them from a hat. They included:

“You will be famous”
“Have fun in Japan”
“You will spend all your money”
“Today is the day”

The one that I drew was: “Soon your life will feel brand new”

And…Life does feel brand new! But also familiar and lovely. How did the little swami know?! These weeks off chemo have been nothing short of glorious. I’ll be hounding her for another fortune when this wears off. I wouldn’t mind a trip to Japan.