Family Love Day

family love

For Valentine’s Day, the three of us celebrated Family Love Day. We did the things we love with the people we love. The photo above was taken at the photo booth set up in the basement of the Art Museum where we spent a portion of our morning. It reminds me of a song that the invincible Raffi sings, “All I really need is a song in my heart, food in my belly, and love in my family.”

Yes, I just quoted Raffi. Love’ll do that to you.

never say never

never say neverI thought I had gotten used to doing things I said I’d never do, but I managed to surprise myself today.

In an act of unbridled frugality, I added fabric to the bottom of Zoe’s favorite pants. They were the perfect kind of soft and not “too jean-sy” as so many pants are dubbed. They have pockets. And they don’t fall down from her lack of waist. They were also such high-waters that I was embarrassed for her to be seen in them–and it really takes a lot to embarrass me.

When I was young and growing about as fast as Zoe is now, my mom added fabric to the bottom of my pants. Not just straight fabric either. Ruffles. NO ONE had ruffles on the bottom of their pants. There was no question as to how uncool ruffles on the bottoms of one’s pants were. I hated them. As I wore the Laura Ingalls-esque prairie dresses that went back and forth from Becki to me with ruffles added and removed to adjust lengths (see, now it’s knee-length, it’s a whole new dress!), and tugged on the pants with their unsightly hems, I stewed in my hand-me-downs and shook a proverbial fist “I will never make my daughter wear something like this! Never!”

Heh, heh. Well, I am. And I, like my mom, think it’s perfectly cute.

Mom, you may now gloat.

the curious case of the church directory

We were telling some friends this weekend about our church directory photo phenomenon; how in the 6 years that passed between directory photos, Zoe aged forward, Mark aged backward, and I seem to have been completely re-styled (thank you to Emily who started the arduous process soon after this photo was taken).

“The Curious Case of the Church Directory!,” our friends (who know a thing or two about movies) said.

“Aha!” I said, “a blog post.”

Here we are in 2002… And now… (you’ll need to click on them for full effect)
church dir 2002church dir 2009

Mark’s performance is Oscar-worthy. Move over, Brad Pitt.